The 22nd of June 2018, a first workshop was organised by the Lake Constance Foundation on a dairy farm in the district Bodenseekreis, Germany. The farm is one of the 30 pilot farms in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, which are part of the LIFE project LIFE AgriAdapt. The workshop was held with farmers, representatives of agricultural offices, consultants, agricultural schools and a dairy company.

During the workshop, the climate change in Baden-Württemberg and in the region was presented. With the example of the risk analysis for the pilot farm, where the workshop took place, the vulnerability of the crops, the livestock and the whole farm was presented. This was based on modelled meteorological data for the recent past and the near future as well on the sensitive phases of the crops. Guest speaker Mr. Wurth, LAZBW Aulendorf, informed the participants how to integrate clover grass successfully into the crop rotation of a dairy farm as a sustainable adaptation measure.