Actions and means involved

 Preliminary phase

  • Creation of a Baseline Report, elaborated with contributions from national/regional experts, and creation of Catalogues of Measures containing sustainable adaptation measures for 3 farming systems (arable land, livestock, permanent crops) and each EU Climate Risk Region
  • Selection of 120 pilots farms where the adaptation measures will be tested
  • Development of a common assessment tool to analyse the climate change vulnerability at farm level
  • Creation of Steering Committee board with experts in adaptation and the farming secto

 Development and testing phase on 120 pilot farms

  • The climate vulnerability of the pilot farms will be analysed and farm-tailored sustainable adaptation measures for each farm will be designed, implemented, tested and updated annually according to the obtained results.
  • The results will be summarised according to their transferability in order to create General proposals for three key farming system (arable land, livestock and permanent crops)


 Dissemination and communication phase of project results – transferability

The project results will be presented and discussed with the main target groups and stakeholders, especially policy-makers at an international, EU, national and regional level. Other key stakeholders include research centres, universities, companies in the agri-food industry, farming associations, standards and insurance companies. The aim is to incorporate these sustainable adaptation measures into policies, labels and standards, insurance guidelines, etc. 

The foreseen actions include: expert meetings, workshops, webinars or the creation of a “Farming Adaptation Training Pack” for current and future farmers.