On April 23rd 2020, Nicolas Métayer and Sylvain Doublet, agronomists at Solagro, presented the final results of the LIFE AgriAdapt project and the method to characterize the climatic vulnerability of farms in Europe during a final webinar.

About 800 people participated to this event, representing all of the agricultural stakeholders in France: farmers, agricultural advisers, agricultural high schools, students, research organizations, public institutions, etc. This event was also an opportunity to present various tools to support actors in the agricultural world, including the new web platform AWA (LIFE AgriAdapt Webtool for Adaptation) which has just been launched by Solagro and its partners:

“The AWA tool is inspired on the experience used to monitor pilot farms, ”recalls Nicolas Métayer, in charge of steering the LIFE AgriAdapt project. First, improve users knowledge so that they understand this complex topic. Then, visualize quantified data through agro-climatic indicators which make it concrete on possible changes in the climate locally in order to engage them in a process of adaptation of their agricultural practices”.

The web tool is freely accessible via the project website www.agriadapt.eu.