Common decision supporting tool

A specific common decision supporting tool will be created for the project consisting of three parts:

  • A farm questionnaire to collect agronomic (rotation, practices, livestock management) and economic data at farm level and for the main crops.
  • Agro-climatic grids will be defined for each of the agro-climatic areas and also for each farming system targeted
  • Preliminary Catalogue of Adaptation Measures, as the aim of the tool is not only to assess the pilot farms vulnerability but also to help farmers improve their resilience.

The objective of the tool is to evaluate climate change vulnerability at farm level. It involves translating climate events into agronomic impacts for a given crop or livestock (yield, crop diseases, etc…). It will be used to suggest adaptation measures suitable for the four main EU agro-climatic areas. Following the lessons learned from the network of pilot farms, a specific simplified website version will be created at the end of the project.