Sustainable adaptation of typical EU farming systems to climate change

AgriAdapt is a European project sponsored by the LIFE programme of the European Union.

It will demonstrate how sustainable adaptation measures can help livestock, arable and permanent crop farms become more climate resilient. It will also explore the other positive environmental benefits of these measures. Partners will develop actions in close collaboration with farmers, experts, administrations, agricultural schools and private entities in order to obtain transferrable results.

Project implementation is organized in accordance with the four main EU Climate Risk Regions: Southern Europe, Western Europe, Central Europe and Northern Europe.

LIFE AgriAdapt – Sensitizing and Informing

Events in agricultural technical schools and the city of Friedrichshafen: One objective of the EU LIFE project AgriAdapt is to disseminate the findings of the project on sustainable adaptation of agriculture to climate change to relevant stakeholder groups. These...

See you at the European Conference on Climate Adaptation!

From May 28th to 31st, the European Conference on Climate Adaptation will take place in Lisbon. AgriAdapt will, once again, contribute to the effort. Nicolas Métayer, from Solagro, will present our upcoming web-based service to help farmers design an adaptation plan...

LIFE AgriAdapt – Visit to Ravensburg College of Agriculture

Picture caption: Mrs. Sommer (Lake Constance Foundation), Mrs. Ziegler (pilot company in the AgriAdapt project) and Mr. Asse (teacher) agree: it is high time for sustainable adaptation measures! How has climate change affected the past and the future? To what extent...

Dairy Farmers Day in Amtzell

On 25th of January 2019, the annual symposium for dairy farmers took place in Amtzell, in the district of Ravensburg. This year's theme of the event was "Dairy cattle farming in times of climate change". In this context, the Lake Constance Foundation gave a...

CONAMA 2018 (National Environmental Congress in Spain)

During the National Environmental Congress in Spain (CONAMA 2018), the Working Group 2 “Adaptation to Climate Change” had a session on the 27th of November 2018 to tackle adaptation issues. Information regarding this Working Group 2 can be found in the following link...

Sustainable adaptation




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