Sustainable adaptation of typical EU farming systems to climate change

AgriAdapt is a European project sponsored by the LIFE programme of the European Union.

It will demonstrate how sustainable adaptation measures can help livestock, arable and permanent crop farms become more climate resilient. It will also explore the other positive environmental benefits of these measures. Partners will develop actions in close collaboration with farmers, experts, administrations, agricultural schools and private entities in order to obtain transferrable results.

Project implementation is organized in accordance with the four main EU Climate Risk Regions: Southern Europe, Western Europe, Central Europe and Northern Europe.

Heatwave impact in Europe during June 2019 according to JRC

The majority of Europe was affected by unusually early, and intense, heatwaves during June 2019. Spain, eastern France, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia suffered the greatest impact of the heatwave on annual crops. More information on the...

Agriculture in climate change – technology and knowledge transfer

On the 6th and 7th of June 2019, the DVS (German Networking Centre for Rural Areas) organised a workshop on "Agriculture in a changing climate - Technology and Knowledge Transfer" together with the Austrian Network Future Region Land. The content of the event was...

AgriAdapt with the agricultural schools of Grand-Est region

The managers of the farms belonging to agricultural schools of Grand-Est region were gathered at school of Châlons en Champagne last April 11th. It was an opportunity to exchange about climate adaptation issues from the example of the school of Somme-Vesle located in...

LIFE AgriAdapt presented in FAO’s Climate Change Study Circle

Together, the two project partners Solagro and the Lake Constance Foundation presented the LIFE AgriAdapt project to the FAO Climate Change Study Circle during a one-hour webinar (“LIFE AgriAdapt - evaluate and reduce the vulnerability of European farms to climate...

Life AgriAdapt attending 4th ECCA 2019 in Lisbon

Organised for the first time in southern Europe, the 4th European Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA) builds upon past editions (Hamburg 2013, Copenhagen 2015 and Glasgow 2017, bringing researchers, policymakers and practitioners from Europe and beyond to discuss recent...

Sustainable adaptation




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