Sustainable adaptation of typical EU farming systems to climate change

AgriAdapt is a European project sponsored by the LIFE programme of the European Union.

It will demonstrate how sustainable adaptation measures can help livestock, arable and permanent crop farms become more climate resilient. It will also explore the other positive environmental benefits of these measures. Partners will develop actions in close collaboration with farmers, experts, administrations, agricultural schools and private entities in order to obtain transferrable results.

Project implementation is organized in accordance with the four main EU Climate Risk Regions: Southern Europe, Western Europe, Central Europe and Northern Europe.

Climate in the North predicates the adaptation

Rising concerns about climate change and its effects to Nordic agricultural practices were discussed in a scientific practical conference „Agriculture in changing climate” in Tartu. The event created a platform for knowledge transfer between agricultural...

Two AgriAdapt educational posters on the impact of climate change in agriculture and the adaptation levers to be implemented

One of the specific actions of the Life AgriAdapt project concerns the development of a Training pack (digital resources) for agricultural stakeholders. Its objective is to facilitate the popularization of the impacts of climate change and agricultural practices...

How vulnerable is the organic sector? – More insight into climate change

Adaptation strategies for farmers and businesses AgriAdapt at the Biofach Late frosts, heavy precipitation and prolonged periods of rain, heat and drought lead to considerable losses in agricultural yields and quality, some of which threaten the existence of the...

AgriAdapt Final Conference – Adaptation of the Southern Region to climate change

After four years of work, Fundación Global Nature presented the results of the LIFE AgriAdapt project for the Southern Region during a conference organized in Madrid on the 21st January 2020. More than 90 professionals attended this event, including representatives...

Impacts and adaptation to climate change in the Somme

The CERFRANCE Picardie Nord de Seine (accounting Center) organized on 27 and 28 November 2019, the "economic rendez-vous" for its members and partners, with a total of 4 half-days spread over the department of the Somme: each intervention allowed to present the...

Sustainable adaptation




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