Sustainable adaptation of typical EU farming systems to climate change

AgriAdapt is a European project sponsored by the LIFE programme of the European Union.

It will demonstrate how sustainable adaptation measures can help livestock, arable and permanent crop farms become more climate resilient. It will also explore the other positive environmental benefits of these measures. Partners will develop actions in close collaboration with farmers, experts, administrations, agricultural schools and private entities in order to obtain transferrable results.

Project implementation is organized in accordance with the four main EU Climate Risk Regions: Southern Europe, Western Europe, Central Europe and Northern Europe.

French farmers discuss climate change consequences on their farms

About 20 pilot farms have registered to take part in the AgriAdapt project in the Center East of France. MapPilotFarmsN On February 20th and 21st, 2018, these farmers got a chance to meet and engage in a discussion about potential impacts of climate change...

Climate change : what impacts, what adaptation options for agriculture in Occitanie ?

On May, 30th, 2018, Météo et Climat will be hosting its annual scientific event in Toulouse, France. Leading French experts will share insights about the impacts of climate change on agriculture in Occitanie (South West France), and will discuss adaptation...

« Coping with risks in agriculture: what challenges and prospects? » : see you in Paris on Feb. 22d and 23d

Nicolas Métayer will be presenting the AgriAdapt project, and our decision supporting tool, at the international scientific conference « Coping with risks in agriculture : what challenges and prospects », which will take place in Paris on the 22nd and...

LIFE platform meeting on climate change adaptation in agriculture and forestry in the Mediterranean Region 13-14 March 2018 in Madrid, Spain

Event This LIFE platform meeting will address climate change adaptation in agriculture and forestry around the Mediterranean regions of the EU. Representatives from LIFE projects, national governments, EU institutions, local authorities, expert bodies,...

The Farming Adaptation Training Pack is now available for download.

The “Farming Adaptation Training Pack” integrates simple, realistic, and demonstrative information on adaptation climate change to the farming sector. The aim is that current and future farmers will not receive information only about the environmental...

Sustainable adaptation




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