On 29th of April 2020, two days before the end of the almost four-year EU LIFE project LIFE AgriAdapt, the Lake Constance Foundation organised a webinar to present the web tool developed in the project to a broad audience: “The AWA web tool – a simple, interactive source of information on the topic of sustainable adaptation of agriculture to climate change”. Invited were representatives from the agricultural and food sector who are affected by climate change or who are involved in sustainable adaptation measures.

How can I get simple and clear information on climate change? How can climate change develop in my region and what are the options for adapting to climate change?

Answers to these questions can be found in this new web tool. It is an easy-to-use, clearly structured tool with three modules for finding out more about the topic of “Sustainable Adaptation to Climate Change”:

Users can find out interesting facts about climate change, its effects and possible adaptation measures by taking part in a quiz, which also provides more in-depth information via simply structured multiple-choice questions. Users can then find out how the climate in their immediate region could change in the next 30 years by clicking on a 25 x 25 km grid. In the following module, adaptation measures for the various agricultural sectors – arable farming, livestock farming and permanent crops – are vividly presented and at the same time show the effects on important areas of sustainability such as water, air and soil. 

The web tool is freely accessible via the project website www.agriadapt.eu.