Layman report – LIFE AgriAdapt

With this document, the partners of the LIFE AgriAdapt project intend to summarize the development of the project during its 4 years of execution period. In order to do so, the main challenges regarding agriculture and climate change are shown, together with the goals of the project, its methodology and tools. Moreover, the results and the general proposals for sustainable adaptation are presented, and the links to the webtool for adaptation and other valuable documents shared.

LIFE AgriAdapt – Presentation of results (16th of March 2020)

On the 16th of March 2020, the LIFE AgriAdapt project partners presented their results and recommendations in a webinar called Developing a comprehensive response to climate Change for EU Farming Systems
In this document, you can see the presentation including the following contents:
  • Short presentation of the LIFE AgriAdapt Project
  • Results of the final vulnerability assessment of 126 pilot farms across Europe
  • General Proposals per Farming System for sustainable adaptation to climate change
  • Increasing farmer´s adaption competence: the Adaptation Training Pack and LIFE AgriAdapt Webtool for Adaptation (AWA)
  • Key adaptation components


The aim of the LIFE AgriAdapt project is achieving transferable and practical results and communicate them to farmers and experts. In order to accomplish that, this Manual has been written.

In this document, the partners of the project introduce its methodology and tools, describe the pilot farms and their adaptation potential along with climate projections, and finally guide the reader through all the sustainable adaptation measures together with the case studies of pilot farms.

LIFE Agriadapt, technical meeting in Brussels (15th of october 2018)

On the 15th of October 2018, the LIFE AgriAdapt project partners organized a technical meeting in Brussels in which they presented the first project results on European level.

In this meeting, recommendations to reduce the farm climate vulnerability of the 4 main EU climate risk regions were presented. Other issues like the support for adaptation to climate change in the current and future CAP and, how and under which conditions could adaptation measures be integrated into agricultural political decisions and policies, were also addressed.

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The event was attended by the following organizations and institutions: Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, DG of Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission, MEP from Spain, Die Grünen/EFA, Occitanie Europe, Région Occitanie, Ministère de l’Agriculture et de l’Alimentation of France, EASME of the European Commission, Generalitat Valenciana, Organic Farming Cooperative in Spain, General Directorate of Productions and Markets of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery and Food of Spain, Cia-Agricoltori Italiani and a Representative of Estonian farmers and agri-cooperatives.

Technical documents

Farming adaptation training pack

The “Farming Adaptation Training Pack” includes PowerPoint presentations and supporting Word documents for teachers. In the following months this Training Pack will be updated with the project results, including: communication materials of the LIFE project, the main reference documents regarding Sustainable Farming Adaptation to Climate Change in Europe and study cases on pilot farms (short videos and documents). The “Farming Adaptation Training Pack” is addressed to trainers. Nevertheless, if you are not a trainer and want to know about this Issue, you can use these materials on your own.

Technical documents

Discussion paper 2018

Once the first project results for the four main EU Climate Risk Regions have been obtained and the case studies developed, it is time to analyze the information and draw some conclusions.

This document provides information about the pilot farms and their location, climate observations of the last 30 years, climatic events and their projections for a near future, projections which allow us to predict the adverse climatic events which will affect European farms and the farming systems assessed (arable land, permanent crops and livestock farming), their intensity and regularity. It also includes a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) for the four regions and a compilation of sustainable adaptation measures, tackling as well how to integrate those measures into policies and political decisions.

This discussion paper is only available in English.

Technical documents

Baseline report for the 4 main EU Climate Risk Regions

This document contains information on climate change and the farming sector in general and, in particular, on the vulnerability of different farming systems in the 4 main EU Climate Risk Regions.

The full Baseline Report is available only in English. Different versions have been elaborated in Estonian, French, German and Spanish that analyse each Climate Risk Region and include a summary of the full report. 

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Dissemination material

General brochure


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