Eesti Maaülikool (Estonian University of Life Sciences)

The Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU) is the only university in Estonia whose priories in academic and research activities provide the sustainable development of natural resources necessary for the existence of Human Society as well as the preservation of heritage and habitat. EMU undertakes internationally acknowledged scientific research, carries out innovative activities, provides science based academic education and promotes life-long learning. EMU is a centre for research and development in Estonia in agriculture, forestry, animal science, veterinary science, rural life and economy, food science, biodiversity, nature conservation, renewable natural resources and environmentally friendly technologies. The university has created the green university initiative: the aim of which is to operate a university with the smallest possible ecological footprint, with a healthy working and learning environment, a university that takes into account the principles of sustainable development in all decision making processes and sets a positive example in the society.

The academic structure is composed of research and development institutes or institutions, centres and other structural units. Currently, teaching and research is carried out in five institutes.

The Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at EMU is responsible for research and development, and university level education in plant cultivation and plant biology, horticulture, plant health, soil science and agrochemistry, landscape ecology and management, landscape architecture, biological diversity and applied hydrobiology in Estonia. Research in the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences is conducted by the departments and working groups that involve almost all aspects of the “from farm to fork” production and processing chain of animal products.

EMU has a good cooperation with the Ministry of Rural Affairs, Ministry of the Environment and different agricultural organisations and unions in Estonia. EMU is also a member in many international networks, such as Association for European Life Science Universities, Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists etc. EMU is actively involved in Erasmus Student Network and NOVA-BOVA network that unites agricultural universities and faculties of the Nordic ( and Baltic ( countries.