On 25th of January 2019, the annual symposium for dairy farmers took place in Amtzell, in the district of Ravensburg. This year’s theme of the event was “Dairy cattle farming in times of climate change”. In this context, the Lake Constance Foundation gave a presentation on the sustainable adaptation of agriculture to climate change, in which the development of climate change was presented and what effects it has on agriculture and especially on dairy farming. In addition, the project and first results were presented.

Further external presentations were given by the LAZBW, Aulendorf, in which possibilities of grassland in the course of increasing drought were presented. The LfL, Institut für Landtechnik Grub (Institute for Agricultural Engineering Grub) talked about technical possibilities to reduce heat stress in the dairy barn. Finally, a farmer presented his farm, which has increased to approx. 670 dairy cows and has a milk yield of up to 12,000 kg that not drop significantly during the hot summer of 2018.