In December, the Lake Constance Foundation together with the local fruit marketing organisations Marktgemeinschaft Bodensee (MaBo) and WOG (Württembergische Obstgenossenschaft Raiffeisen eG) organised a workshop on a fruit growing farm. Farmers, consultants and representatives of agricultural offices and research institutions were invited.

The participants were introduced to climate change and the concrete effects on fruit-growing farms. MaBo’s own weather records illustrated the climate change for the Lake Constance region. The MaBo consultation highlighted the importance of soil fertility for plant health and the water balance and advocated the development of soil fertility, for example through composting. Based on these principles, the LIFE AgriAdapt project and the climate change check were presented, which can be used to assess current and expected future vulnerability at farm level. The approximately 50 participants then discussed the various adaptation options in fruit growing.