On June 25th, technicians from Fundación Global Nature, responsible for the LIFE AgriAdapt project, met in Pamplona with the LIFE NAdapta integrated LIFE project team. During a whole morning of work the main lines of action of both projects were presented.

LIFE NAdapta is an integrated project, led by the Government of Navarra, whose main objective is to increase resilience to tackle climate change in Navarra, contributing to the implementation of all the actions included in the Road Map to combat climate change HCCN-KLINA. To this end, the project works on different lines of climate change monitoring and adaptive management: Agriculture and Livestock, Water, Forests, Health and Infrastructure and Landscapes. One of the partners of the project, INTIA (responsible for the actions of agriculture and livestock), expressed its high interest in the results of LIFE AgriAdapt.

During the meeting the tow LIFE projects’ methodologies were introduced; The LIFE AgriAdapt technicians presented project results, focusing on the tools developed in the project for the assessment of vulnerability to climate change at the agroclimatic zone level and at the farm level. From the INTIA and the Government of Navarra there is a high interest in the future development of the beta version of these tools. They also proposed some possible technical improvements, such as information that could be added in the tools. The technicians of LIFE NAdapta, exposed the actions of the area of ​​Monitoring of climatic change. An area of ​​high interest for LIFE AgriAdapt is the variables and soil parameters associated with climate change that will be developed in LIFE NAdapta and that could be very interesting for future developments and improvements of the tools developed in LIFE AgriAdapt.

After this first approach, both teams decided to reflect technically in the coming months on the different possibilities of collaboration and continue holding periodic information exchange meetings