The last 3rd of July 2019, FGN participated in the session about “Impacts and Challenges of Climate Change”,  introducing LIFE AgriAdapt experience in the summer course “Climate-KIC Journey” during the sessions organized by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, CEIGRAM e itdUPM. This is the biggest European summer school programme regarding innovation and entrepreneurship tackling climate change challenges, with more than 400 participants in a 4-week, full-time, intensive, residential learning programme hosted by top global universities. The course uses a unique combination of academic study & real-world experiences.

In this occasion, LIFE AgriAdapt results were shared with more than 40 students from all over the world in a roundtable with several experts. It was an addressed dialogue in which FGN exposed the main barriers that farmers face when tackling climate changes, and the mains services and tools farmers are demanding for a sustainable adaptation at farm level.

In a second session on the 8th of July 2019, FGN will participate again in this summer course through small working groups with the students, introducing LIFE AgriAdapt’s experience and providing answers to the eventual projects they will be promoting for adaptation to climate change of the agrarian sector at European level.