On the 21st of January 2019, the Lake Constance Foundation invited to an expert meeting in Stuttgart as part of the LIFE AgriAdapt project.

During the meeting the results of the EU-LIFE project were presented. Measures aimed at reducing the vulnerability of agriculture in all climate risk regions of the EU to climate change were discussed and whether and to what extent these measures could be integrated into the CAP. At the same time, indicators were discussed that could be used to assess the development of adaptation to climate change.

The experts also provided helpful information and advice on how to improve the presentation of sustainable measures in a catalogue of measures, and how to improve the web tool that is still being developed. Finally, the concept for the Transnational Conference, to be held towards the end of the year, was jointly developed.

The following institutions participated in the expert panel: Bioland, LAZBW Landwirtschaftliches Zentrum Baden-Württemberg, LTZ Landwirtschaftliches Zentrum Augustenberg, LSZ Landesanstalt für Schweinezucht and Fibl Deutschland.