During the National Environmental Congress in Spain (CONAMA 2018), the Working Group 2 “Adaptation to Climate Change” had a session on the 27th of November 2018 to tackle adaptation issues. Information regarding this Working Group 2 can be found in the following link (only available in Spanish): http://www.conama2018.org/web/generico.php?idpaginas=&lang=es&menu=370&id=2&op=view&inicio=1&idactividad=2&pestana=114&abierto=1

This session was meant to exchange information regarding the current situation of policies, strategies and measures regarding climate change which are being developed by public, European, national and autonomic administrations, as well as certain useful tools for developing adaptation plans and projects. Also, several good practices in the primary sector, cities and certain infrastructures were shared.

In this framework and in the second block of the session “Experiences in the primary sector”, Vanessa Sánchez Ortega (Fundación Global Nature) presented the LIFE AgriAdapt project. In her presentation she tackled the objectives of the project, the methodology applied and the assessment tools developed.

Representatives of the following companies, organizations and entities attended the session: Ferrovial, UNESA, the Union of Small Farmers and Pastoralists (UPA), the National Entity of Agrarian Insurances, CCOO, Tecnalia, Endesa S.A., Barcelona Provincial Council, Observatori del Canvi Climàtic Fund – City Council of Valencia, the Spanish Office of Climate Change and the Superior Council of Architect Colleges in Spain.