The LIFE AgriClimateChange project won a Green Award in the “climate action” category at a ceremony held on May 30th in Brussels. This award recognizes the most outstanding LIFE projects completed since the creation of the programme in 1992.

The European Commission selected 15 LIFE projects in 3 categories, based on a number of criteria (long-term sustainability, communication, potential, broader impact on a national, European or global level). The 6 winners were selected by means of a public vote on Facebook and announced at the Green Week.

Mr Karmenu Vella, Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs & Fisheries, and Ms Yvon Slingemberg, Director at DG Climate Action, participated in the Green Award ceremony. Ms Marion Hammerl, Executive Director of the Lake Constance Foundation, and Mr Eduardo de Miguel, Managing Director of Fundación Global Nature, collected the prize on behalf of the AgriClimateChange team.

The LIFE AgriClimateChange project focused on sustainable climate change mitigation in the farming sector and the experience from this initiative was the basis for the development of the LIFE AgriAdapt project.

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Brussels , Belgium , 30 May 2017 – Green Week 2017 – Green Jobs for a greener future – Green Awards ceremony
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