The past 21st of November, Eduardo de Miguel, CEO at Fundación Global Nature, attended to the sectorial meeting EACCEL (Aragonian strategy for climate change and clean energies). The Spanish agricultural sector diagnosis for climate change was presented in the meeting, focused in “sustainable adaptations measures”. The climate changes already registered in Europe were presented in first place: the global trend to temperatures increasing and the higher frequency of extreme climate episodes among others. The whole meeting was focused on the Mediterranean area in general and in Spain in particular. During the lecture, the different risks that will be faced by the farming sector were gone through. Later LIFE AgriAdapt project was presented: witch actions and researches are performing in the Mediterranean region and how the common decision – making tool will help stakeholders to make an accurate diagnosis about cultures and farms vulnerability to climate change and, also, to find sustainable adaptation measures that increase the farm resilience.

 The LIFE AgriAdapt project is funded by the EU LIFE Programme and with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (Ministerio de Agricultura y Pesca, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente) through “Biodiversity Foundation” (Fundación Biodiversidad).