On Friday the 30th of November 2018, an informative meeting of the Spanish Committee of Experts of the LIFE AgriAdapt project took place in the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid (Spain).

In this meeting, the methodology of the project, the models and projections used and the tools developed were presented. Moreover, results of the vulnerability assessments of the case studies on pilot farms were shown, as well as the adaptation measures to climate change proposed. The case studies analyzed included arable crops, vineyards and pastures.

After the presentation, the experts offered general recommendations for the appropriate development of the project and some important aspects were discussed, which has helped in the correct implementation of the actions.

The Spanish Committee of Experts is comprised of representatives of different entities like: CIEGRAM – UPM, ENESA, UNEX, MAPAMA SG Vineyards, MAPAMA Arable Crops and Alejab.