INVITATION: The challenge of climate change – How can agriculture adapt sustainably?

International symposium for Central and Eastern Europe

Climate change is one of the world’s most important challenges of our time, which agriculture also has to face. On the one hand, it is significantly involved in the emission of heat-storing greenhouse gases, on the other hand, it is one of the sectors most severely affected. In the last century, the average temperature in Germany has already risen by 1.2°C compared with the pre-industrial era, more than in a global comparison. Late frosts, heavy precipitation and prolonged periods of rain, heat and drought lead to considerable losses in yields and quality in agriculture, some of which endanger the very existence of agriculture. Farmers in Europe must therefore take measures to adapt to climate change.

We cordially invite you to our international symposium on 18 and 19 November in Stuttgart. Central questions of our event are:

  • How does climate change affect agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe?
  • What sustainable strategies and adaptation measures are there for the key areas of arable farming, animal husbandry, fruit growing and viticulture?
  • What framework conditions does agriculture need in order to be able to adapt sustainably to climate change in the future?
  • How can the results of the EU project “LIFE AgriAdapt – sustainable adaptation of agriculture to climate change” be used in agriculture in the future?

We look forward to your participation and stimulating discussions.

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Venue: Hospitalhof Stuttgart, Büchsenstraße 33, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany