The CERFRANCE Picardie Nord de Seine (accounting Center) organized on 27 and 28 November 2019, the “economic rendez-vous” for its members and partners, with a total of 4 half-days spread over the department of the Somme: each intervention allowed to present the economic situation of the “Somme Farm”, illustrate the main agricultural production systems, and an evolution over the last 10 years of local economic results.

At the end of these four sessions focused on agricultural economic results, Solagro presented the current and future impacts of climate change on farms in the Somme. It was therefore an opportunity to present the results of the Life project LIFE AgriAdapt led by Solagro, which relies on a network of 120 pilot farms in 4 European countries (France, Germany, Spain and Estonia): evolution of climatic variables since 1975 were presented, local climate projections by 2050 as well as agro-climatic indicators (scalding, risk of frost, etc.) and their possible impacts on the department’s main crops (wheat, potatoes, beets, flax, etc.). Finally, about 500 people were made aware of climate issues, half of them being farmers. CERFRANCE partners also attended (insurance, banks, agricultural consultants) as well as students from agriculture schools.