On October 3d, 2018, 50 participants took part in a visit of one of the LIFE AgriAdapt pilot farms in France. Located near Troyes, in the heart of France’s granary, Bertrand Patenotre’s farm produces a variety of crops and has a small sheep herd (which is rather unusual in the region!).

In the course of the years 2017 and 2018, Sylvain Doublet and Nicolas Métayer, from Solagro, visited the farm and discussed past weather events and their impacts on productivity with the farmer.

Based on past weather data and mainstream climate projections, they also developed an assessment of what the farm’s future climate would look like in the next 30 years: an increase, by 1.2°C, of the average yearly temperature, significantly lower precipitations, 43% more days during which the temperature rises above 25°C… The discussion then focused on the identification of measures that could help mitigate the impacts of these changes on the farm.     

During the visit, these elements were shared and discussed with the audience. The success of the event evidences the growing interest of the farming community for climate change adaptation.