One of the specific actions of the LIFE AgriAdapt project concerns the development of a Training pack (digital resources) for agricultural stakeholders. Its objective is to facilitate the popularization of the impacts of climate change and agricultural practices allowing to improve the resilience of agricultural holdings.

Two posters designed in collaboration with high agricultural school students:

Within this LIFE AgriAdapt Training pack, LIFE AgriAdapt partners invite you to discover two posters developed in collaboration with BTS students (Fonlabour agricultural high school in Albi). The first poster focuses on the impacts of climate change for different agricultural systems, while the second poster highlights possible adaptations measures.

Need ideas for using these two posters?

The educational teams of the Fonlabour Establishment in the Tarn, whose farm participates in the network of LIFE AgriAdapt pilot farms supported by Solagro in the framework of this European project, proposed ideas for using these posters adapted to establishments of agricultural education. Discover them by downloading the Training pack below.

Download the LIFE AgriAdapt training pack