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The LIFE CLIMATREE project aims to contribute towards the development of a novel methodology and an innovative tool for the quantification of carbon storage in permanent tree-crop



Institute of Urban Environment and Human Resources, Panteion University (Coordinating Beneficiary). TERRA NOVA Ltd. Agricultural University of Athens. University degli Studi Basilicata

Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. University of Western Macedonia

Description of the project:

The main expected results of LIFE CLIMATREE are: 

  1. The Development of a new methodology for the accounting of carbon storage from permanent tree crops
  2. The Demonstration of best tree-crop practices towards the increase of carbon sink and their related socioeconomic benefit
  3. The Development of a guide for the suggestion of climate change mitigation policies and their incorporation into CAP
  4. The Estimation of carbon balance of tree- ecosystem for the future years
  5. The Development of a software application for accounting tree-crop carbon sequestration
  6.  The Evaluation of the economic benefits arising       from tree crops sequestration


Diego S. Intrigliolo. CSIC.

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