During the Local National Environmental Congress in Spain (Local CONAMA 2019), the results of the LIFE AgriAdapt Project were shown in a session called “Agriculture: towards a higher efficiency in the use of resources”, celebrated the 2nd of April 2019 in Toledo.

In this session, adaptation strategies to climate change in water scarcity scenarios were discussed. The opinion of some farmers regarding water scarcity was shown, as well as its consequences in the agrarian sector. Furthermore, different solutions, saving and efficiency measures in the use of resources were also presented.

In this context, Vanessa Sánchez Ortega (Fundación Global Nature) presented LIFE AgriAdapt, its methodology, goals and tools developed, as well as a set of general recommendations for agrarian systems which can allow the sector to adapt and be more resilient to climate change.

The session was attended by representatives of some agrifood companies, administrations and entities such as The Department of Agriculture and Livestock of Castilla-La Mancha, the Union of Small Farmers (UPA), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid-CEIGRAM and the For Another CAP Coalition.